The Easiest Way to a Sun-Protective Lifestyle

UPF Clothing – The Easiest Way to a Sun-Protective Lifestyle

In this fast-paced world, our chaotic daily routines can prevent us from paying proper attention to our health. Sure, there are diet plans and efficient workout sessions that keep our bodies fit and fine, but how many of us pay close attention to the health of our skin? No matter how expensive skincare products we use, our skin is always at-risk if outdoor activities are part of our routine.

The top makeup and skincare brands release various sun protective lotions for skin every year with slight changes. These brands don’t warn consumers about the greatest hazard of sun exposure: skin cancer. Along with the shiny bright light, the sun also produces ultraviolet radiation. When skin encounters these rays, we become extremely vulnerable to major skin issues. These issues, including skin cancer, are a problem that need to be taken seriously.

Why You Need UPF Clothing

Proper protection from the sun doesn’t mean that we must sit inside all day as protection from dangerous sun exposure. Thanks to the latest invention of technology, we have the option of sun-protective clothing that will prevent the ultraviolet rays from reaching the upper layer of your skin.

UPF, also known as the ultraviolet protection factor, is the scale for fabrics that determines the effectiveness of fabric against ultraviolet radiation. Whether destined for a tropical vacation or just an afternoon at the beach, the World Skin Care Foundation highly recommends UPF clothing.

Just like SPF can be calculated (e.g. a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 isn’t as effective as a sunscreen with an SPF of 30), the ultraviolet factor can be calculated as well. This allows us to provide you with the best sun-protective clothing available.

In terms of clothing, UPF ranging from 30 to 45 is safe enough for a casual sunny day. UPF 50 is known to provide the maximum level of protection for a significant span of time. After all, SPF protects only from a suntan. UPF protects from ultraviolet rays.

Where to Shop for Sun-Protective Clothing

UPF clothing is now conveniently available online. There are many well-known online stores customized specifically for UPF clothing and accessories. In the UVwise online catalog, it’s simple to find any UPF product you need or want. From shirts and pants to hats and other accessories, you can find everything in the UVwise collection.

Regardless of season, it’s possible to shop from a recognized UPF fashion store, most of which offer UPF clothes for everyone including men, women, and children.